Student Recognition

March 2022 Students of the Month

6th Grade

The 6th grade team would like to recognize the following 6th graders and award them student of the month for always being organized. Being prepared and being able to assemble the needed supplies, neat school work, and clear thoughts is greatly appreciated by your teachers. It may seem like a small thing, but it is not only helpful to those around you but it further supports your goals. You are not distracted by the things around you, you are able to meet deadlines, and you are showing you know how to prioritize important things. Thank you for being thoughtful and mindful of where you are and what you are doing! Congratulations!

  • Dallas Ross

  • Gracie Hennings

  • Steaphanie Hoover

  • Ayden Weske

Matthew Johnson Nominated by Miss Mimi-

Matthew has really made a change this last quarter. He shows effort and pride in his work.

7th Grade

Lily Marek- Nominated by WISE Program

Lily is always helpful and kind. She is a pleasure to have in our program.

Kevin Watson- Nominated by Mr. Smith

Kevin has the second highest grade in the Citizenship class with a 96%. He is one of our hardest workers and always very respectful. In a class designed for 8th graders, Kevin has excelled and is continually an example of leadership above the older kids. He has done well in all aspects of the class, which includes physical fitness, academics, project assignments, and public speaking.

Shaylee McCarley- Nominated by Mrs. Bentley

She is a great ambassador for Kellogg Middle School. She has been helpful and respectful.

Avaree Lees- Nominated by Mrs. Frazier

Avaree works hard in my class and is a quiet helper. She is a student that I can always count on when I need something done or to help a student who is behind in class. When she is gone from class, she never makes excuses to not get her work done and always asks for missing work. She is a pleasure to have in class!

Landon Manty- Nominated by Mrs. Shorey

Landon is a great student that is super helpful. Landon works hard and shows exemplary work in my class. I appreciate his sense of humor and truly enjoy having him in class.

8th grade

AJ Bewick Nominated- Nominated by Major Petersen

AJ is a great student who is really intelligent. She is good about keeping up on her assignments and is always prepared for class. Always polite and respectful and is a joy to have in class.

Melady Perkins- Nominated by Miss Mimi

Melady is devoted to her peers and a hard worker. She tries hard and always admits to her mistakes.

Lena Erlendson- Nominated by Mrs. Shorey

Lena is a great student that always works hard in my class. She demonstrates leadership through her help for others. I enjoy having her in my class.

Kennedy Duce- Nominated by Mrs. Nelson

Kenna has really worked hard to improve her performance in my class. I am incredibly proud of her for her perseverance and workmanship. Kenna is always polite, on task, and pleasant to have in class.

Avry Farmer- Nominated by Mr. White

Johnny is an excellent student of Social Studies. His stellar effort to always stay on top of every assignment is refreshing to see in a student. Johnny is courteous and pleasurable to have in class, while simultaneously being respected by and a good role model to his peers. I appreciate his smile and his contribution will be missed as he moves on next year!

Xai Carey- Nominated by Mrs. Langer

Xai is a wonderful student. She is always engaged and ready to participate in class. She is quiet, but very funny and makes her classmates laugh! I enjoy having her in class and am happy to nominate her for student of the month!

Raycheal Raiha- Nominated by the WISE Program

Raycheal is constantly offering help to other students and staff. She is always polite and kind.

Chase Scribner- Nominated by Mr. Stuart

I’ve had Chase in class as a 6t grader, a 7th grade teacher aide, and now in Science and Algebra. Chase always has one of the best attitudes of any 8th grader, and tries his hardest on every assignment or project we have. He definitely makes the school a better place to be, and I’m happy to nominate him for student of the month.

Hunter Hammond- Nominated by Mr. Alverez

Hunter Hammond is a super hard worker, with a great attitude. He’s always willing to help others who struggle while consistently challenging himself to achieve his individual goals. Hunter always makes eye contact with an appropriate greeting as he passes in the mornings. I look forward to reading of his successes in the future.