Student Recognition

January 2021 Students of the Month

Principal’s Student of the Month - TBD

8th grade - Russel Fields

Russel was nominated by Ms. Loudon

Over the past three years at KMS, Russel has made great progress. He has increased his effort, thereby increasing his school success. Russel has won our class iReady challenge for most lessons every month this school year. He maintains a positive attitude, is eager to please and has a smile on his face most of the time.

8th grade - Nolan Harju

Nolan was nominated by Mr. White

In addition to being an outstanding student, Nolan goes above and beyond to make the most of his learning experience. Recently, Nolan had to be out of school for an extended period of time. He emailed each day and checked Google Classroom for the assignments. Whenever there was a problem or he had a question, he would email for clarification. All of his work was done and turned in PRIOR to him returning to school. I appreciate his work ethic and responsibility.

8th grade - Dani Perkins

Dani was nominated by Mr. Stuart

Dani always works hard to get her assignments done on time and she turns in quality work every time. She is also a great teammate on her basketball team and we’re lucky to have her.

8th grade - Tom O’Neill

Tom was nominated by Mr. Stuart

Tom constantly tries to do well in Algebra and Science and he always contributes to class discussions. He also has a great sense of humor going all the way back to his 6th grade PE


8th grade - Damian Reed

Damian was nominated by Ms. Wozny

Damian showed up to almost all of his speech GoogleMeet sessions and he has had perfect attendance this whole school year.

8th grade - Gia Miller

Gia was nominated by Mr. Albrethsen

Gia has consistently shown up with her work thoroughly completed all year and has shown some really impressive growth in her written responses in my class. I know this is a learning goal for Gia and it's awesome to see her put the work in and grow in challenging areas.

8th grade - Azaria Martz

Azaria was nominated by Mrs. Nelson

Azaria is always on time, prepared, and eager to assist me. She is friendly, thoughtful, and a self-starter. Azaria also uses her time wisely when completed with her tasks. She is a pleasure to have in class.

7th grade - Elijah Knapp

Elijah was nominated by SgtMaj Smith (also nominated by Mr. Albrethsen)

Elijah went from having an F in Intro to Leadership during 1st quarter to having an A for the 2nd quarter.

7th grade - Abigail Neff

Abigail was nominated by Mrs. Frazier (also nominated by Mr. Albrethsen)

Not only is Abi a hard worker in my class and turns everything in on time, she is kind to everyone in the halls and is helpful to the students who need it. I have seen her numerous times helping students without being asked and she takes initiative to be a leader in the classroom.

7th grade - Tanner Nickerson

Tanner was nominated by Mrs. Harden

Tanner is always prepared, cordial to others, helpful when a classmate is struggling, attends school regularly, genuinely does his best on schoolwork and is an all-around quality person.

7th grade - Spencer Whipple

Spencer was nominated by Ms. Williams

Spencer is new to KMS this year and has fit right in with all the students. He comes to class everyday ready to learn and is always willing to help others when needed. He is a hard worker and a pleasure to have in class.

7th grade - Lily-Anna Bewick

Lily Anna was nominated by Mr. Ream

Lily has been an absolute rock star in my class since the very beginning. She is always on time, has her assignments and brings a positive energy to the class. When the new semester started, she immediately started helping new students who might have been lost or confused during class. Lily has been a great addition to my class this year.

7th grade - Kaia Palmer

Kaia was nominated by Mrs. Hoeck

Kaia has consistently been attending school and stays on top of her work in all of her classes. Even though Kaia can be quiet, she has been a great PE aide, always giving help when needed.

7th grade - Rilie Bauer

Rilie was nominated by Ms. Browning

Rilie is not only on time, prepared and ready to learn, she is kind and helpful. She has a pleasant attitude and always gives 110%. She adds greatly to our classroom environment.

7th grade - Aiden Figueroa

Aiden was nominated by Ms. Browning

He is a wonderful role model for his classmates. He is responsible and always gives his best effort. He is very respectful and ready to help others.

6th grade - Davin Harju

Davin was nominated by Ms. Wozny

Davin showed up to all of his speech GoogleMeets and has great communication with Ms. Wozny.

6th grade - Robert Smith, Adrianna Sullivan, Porter Lewis and Alexis Backman

These students were chosen by the 6th grade team because they are great kids who are respectful and responsible. They come to class ready to learn and work hard while there. They complete homework in a timely manner and are conscientious about the quality of their work. They are all-around good humans. Congratulations!