Student Recognition

September 2020 Students of the Month

Principal’s Student of the Month

8th grade - Kyle Van Vleet

Kyle was nominated by Mr. Davidian

Kyle is on the Leadership team this year and has been doing our school announcements on Gold days. He has matured tremendously over last year and has taken on the role of one of our students who is willing to help others. I am proud of the growth he has made and the young man he is becoming in his involvement in activities at KMS. He is friendly and positive and a joy to have here at KMS. Thanks Kyle! Keep it up!

8th grade - Issac Marquez

Issac was nominated by Mr. White & Mr. Albrethsen

I'm nominating Issac Marquez for student of the month. In addition to always paying attention in class and trying his best, he is also very responsible. When Issac left his final draft of his DWA at home on the day it was due, he could have just not cared and turned it in later; however, he chose to solve the problem and show how a motivated, mature 8th grader should act. He came in before school, got another final draft sheet, and redid the essay so that it was ready to be turned in 6th period. It's nice to see a kid who cares and tries his best.

I second Issac’s nomination. He’s shown some incredible maturity so far this year and is making a really strong effort in my class - Mr. Albrethsen

8th grade - Ben Millholland

Ben was nominated by Mr. Frazier

Ben has really impressed me in the first few weeks of the school year with his work ethic and attention to detail. When given a new piece of music with some tricky rhythms, he took the time to learn it before the next class period. As a percussionist, the success of the band can rest on how well he knows his part. He is setting a positive example for the other members of the band and I can’t wait for him to get the opportunity to work with the percussionists in the other section of Concert Band.

8th grade - Betty Larsen

Betty was nominated by Mr. Langer

Betty shows up prepared and ready to learn everyday. She has become an awesome leader in the classroom!

8th grade - Kristina Hopla

Kristina was nominated by Mr. Albrethsen

Kristina has completed every assignment on time and comes to class prepared ready to participate. She has also attended every Google Meet and participated in activities, as well.

8th grade - Bethany Phillips

Bethany was nominated by Mr. Stuart

Bethany has been nominated for always having her work done and also participating in class every day. She has also been a great addition to the volleyball team and has set a good example with her work ethic and positive attitude.

8th grade - Brooklyn Johnson

Brooklyn was nominated by Mr. Ream

Brooklyn is an incredibly positive student that is able to brighten any room she is in. She tackles every new challenge with enthusiasm and isn’t afraid to fail. She comes to class prepared, asks questions, and participates every day. Brooklyn has been a great addition to my class this year.

7th grade - James Holloway

James was nominated by Mr. Albrethsen

Jimmy has been consistent in having assignments completed on time. He is staying caught up with the material and is eager to participate in class. He has also shown some willingness to help other classmates who are struggling with the content. He keeps a positive attitude and listens well.

7th grade - Jonathan Stovern

Johnny was nominated by Mrs. Lister

Johnny is a pleasure to have in class twice in the same day. He asks questions, participates and comes prepared. He is consistent with homework and is eager to begin new activities. He is a kind and respectful young man. I am nominating Johnathan because I can clearly see how hard he works and his desire to do well in school.

7th grade - Kylee Phillips

Kylee was nominated by Mrs. Harden

Kylee is a new student this year and seems to have fit in very well. She is an active participant in class, always prepared, does quality work and is a positive role model for others.

7th grade - Lacey Ellison

Lacey was nominated by Mrs. Frazier

I nominate Lacey Ellison. Lacey comes to class prepared everyday. She works hard and helps out when another student is struggling. With the change in our schedule this year, she didn’t skip a beat and has adapted well to the hybrid program.

7th grade - Carmen Bauer

Carmen was nominated by Mrs. Hoeck

With this unique schedule we have this year, Carmen has been working hard to stay on top of her work in both classes that I have her. She jumps right in and stays on task with the activities in class. Carmen is a pleasure to have in class and I look forward to seeing her skill development throughout the year.

7th grade - Nicolas Flood

Nicolas was nominated by Ms. Loudon

Nicolas has a contagious enthusiasm about him. He arrives to class every day with a positive attitude. He is upbeat and ready to undertake any task presented to him. During group challenges, Nicolas goes the extra mile, above and beyond what it takes to succeed.

7th grade - Andrew Lewis

Andrew was nominated by Ms. Nelson

Drew is very willing to participate in class discussions, friendly to his peers, respectful towards his teachers, engages with the material, seems excited to learn, and is a great asset to my class. I have seen growth even in the short time of knowing him-- particularly in his efforts at turning assignments in on time and providing quality work. His Unit 1.1 goal setting was very thought out and I can tell he has his sights set on great things-- Drew is willing to put in the work to get there. I am very proud of him!

6th grade - Brooke Hayes, Owen Roach, Buck Coe and Hailee Sharp

These students were nominated by Mr. Alverez, Mrs. Colburn, Ms. McLean and Ms. Walker

These students show a willingness to come into class and get things done. They are prepared, have a great attitude, are helpful and just all-around great kids.