Student Recognition

February 2020 Students of the Month

Back row: Isabel Kerns, Charlie McDaniel, Tristan Baker, Rydge Oertli, Grace Derbyshire, Kara Stahle, Gia Miller, Devin Webber, Jacob Morton.

Front row: Carmen Bauer, Kaden Keller, Kevin Moon

Not pictured: Audrey Hart & Elliott Hei

7th Grade: Isabel Kerns

Isabel was nominated by Mr. Davidian

My Principal's Student of the Month is Isabel Kerns. Isabel is maintaining high grades and is a definite leader here at KMS. She is constantly bringing great ideas to me about things we can add to KMS to make it better. I really appreciate what she brings to the table as a student. She also works in the cafeteria helping serve lunches. She is always smiling, always positive, and is a bright light here at KMS. I enjoy the conversations we have and I look forward to seeing her shine in the future. Keep up the great work Isabel!!

6th Grade: Carmen Bauer

Carmen was nominated by Mr. Alverez

My student of the month is Carmen Bauer. Carmen is super positive, always focused on her own achievement while helping others attain theirs. Carmen has a contagious smile and is a true joy in the classroom.

8th Grade: Rydge Oertli

Rydge was nominated by Mr. White

I am nominating Rydge Oertli for student of the month. Yes, other students have improved, and yes, other students have made changes, but none to the degree of Rydge. In addition to just paying attention, he wants to improve, and because of his hard work, he IS improving. In fact, since the beginning of the year, he has probably come the furthest overall. With this path set, I look forward to seeing not only what he accomplishes this year, but in high school as well.

8th grade: Elliott Hei

Elliott was nominated by Mrs. Frazier

Elliott is the quiet leader in my class. She always strives to be the best but she is humble to the point that she doesn't always get the recognition she deserves. I am fortunate to have her in class this year.

7th grade: Charlie McDaniel

Charlie was nominated by Mrs. Fisher (STEAM/Science)

I recommend Charlie McDaniel for the STEAM/Science student of the month. Throughout the year Charlie has demonstrated a high level of responsibility and respectfulness in both science and STEAM class. We focus on engineering challenges in STEAM. She is able to problem-solve and will put great effort into the projects in order to succeed.

8th grade: Grace Derbyshire

Grace was nominated by Mr. Stuart

Grace always does her work, is fun to talk to, and was a true leader on the basketball court. KMS is lucky to have someone like Grace at our school, as she makes KMS a better place every day that she is here.

8th grade: Kara Stahle

Kara was nominated by Mrs. Harden

My nomination for February student of the month is Kara Stahle. Kara always goes the extra mile with any work that she is given. She walks in every day with a smile on her face. I have known her for two years and have witnessed her being nothing but supportive of others, both in and out of the classroom. In class, she takes it upon herself to help others, especially those that do not have her capabilities. She is a wonderful role model for other students.

6th grade: Audrey Hart

Audrey was nominated by Ms. Walker

Audrey is new to our school but since she has been here she has set an example of a kind and proactive student. She works hard in class and exemplifies what "doing your best" means as a school rule and personal goal.

8th grade: Devin Webber

Devin was nominated by Ms. Loudon

Devin brings a special component to our classroom. He has a witty sense of humor and is driven to succeed. Devin is well organized with his "To Do" list and his forward thinking and planning. He adds his own unique charm to the morning announcements each day. Devin is one of the most likable students I have had the pleasure of working with.

6th grade: Kevin Moon

Kevin was nominated by Mrs. Colburn

For the month of February, I nominate Kevin Moon for Student of the Month. Kevin is super quiet, but once you get to know him, he is a pretty interesting guy. He is helpful in the cafeteria, stays after class to help straighten chairs and clean up after others. Kevin showed great bravery when he decided he would like to ride the Gondola up the mountain and hang out up there for the last ski trip. I am so proud of you, Kevin, and appreciate all of your effort. PS. You are a pretty sweet penguin!

7th grade: Gia Miller

Gia was nominated by Ms. Williams

Gia always comes to class prepared and in good spirits. She is a hard worker and always tries her best in all that she does. She has become a leader in this school and always has a smile one her face when you see her in the hallway. So proud of you Gia!

6th grade: Kaden Keller

Kaden was nominated by Ms. Browning

Kaden is so helpful and ready to embrace each lesson. He’s always willing to step up and go the extra mile. I love having him in my class every day!!

8th grade: Jacob Morton

Jacob was nominated by Mrs. Hoeck

Jacob works hard in PE and enjoys being active. He is always willing to help out when asked of him. Jacob is very respectful to me and asks questions. In CS Jacob’s knowledge of coding has been very helpful to his classmates. He works well at finding out information and sharing with his classmates. If he doesn’t know the answer, he is willing to ask for help from others.

7th grade: Tristan Baker

Tristan was nominated by Mrs. Baldwin

Tristan shows enthusiasm no matter what the activity or assignment. He will participate and share answers whether they are correct or incorrect, showing that he is willing to try. He will check his answers frequently, demonstrating his desire not only to be accurate, but that his strategies are effective. Tristan is truly appreciated.