Student Recognition

October 2021 Students of the Month

6th Grade

October Students of the Month were chosen based on the KMS High Five "I am Responsible." Students who are responsible are listening and participating in class, cleaning up after themselves (and sometimes others), are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there, and are making good choices and being good humans. The following students were chosen by the 6th grade team because they exemplify the above qualities. They are a joy to be around and set a good example for other students. They are: Lowden White, Rebecca Dominguez, Peyton Storey, and Matthew Ferguson. Thank you for being responsible humans!

Gracie Hennings nominated by Mrs. Langer

Gracie is a wonderful student, and is always ready to help. She will stay behind after class to make sure that the room is clean, stands are put away, and chairs are organized. I want to recognize her for the helpful attitude she brings with her to class.

Russell Kuykendall nominated by Ms. Mimi

Russell is always kind to others, especially the students he notices who need a little extra help. He is a hard worker and makes good choices in the classroom. He is a respectful student and deserves to be recognized.

7th Grade

Darby Sager nominated by Mrs. Shorey

Darby is an amazing student that always seeks the right way to do it. She excels at all she submits and is always a pleasure to have in class. She does everything with a smile and is so kind to all she interacts with.

Kayden Ortin- Nominated by Mimi Klein

Kayden is a joy to have in the class. She tries hard and motivates others. Even when she fell behind because of absences, she came back willing to work and work she did. She caught up in all of her classes and helped classmates along the way.

Austin Wagner​​ by Mr. Alverez

Austin has shown a great amount of determination to improve himself this year. Austin’s attitude toward school and friends has been both refreshing and inspirational. His outgoing personality and courageousness to take chances and make mistakes makes him an asset to our classroom.

Kiki Zhu by Mrs. Frazier

Kiki is always prepared for class. She is interested in everything that is taught to her and she strives to be her best each period. She is a fantastic artist, and fully understands the Social Studies content. Kiki is a pleasure to have in class.

Lillianna Webber nominated by Miss Loudon

Lillianna comes to class each day prepared to do her best on all assignments. It is fun to watch her grow and become comfortable at KMS. She is smiling more and more each day. She is eager to help others and volunteers to do whatever needs to be done without complaint.

Larry Alcazar by Mr. Albrethsen

Larry has shown significant growth since the beginning of the year already. He stays on task and excels with the material and is comfortable sharing out with the class and the members in his group. He is also a huge help to me as a PE aide this year.

8th grade

Robert Liddicoat is nominated by Mrs. Nelson.

Robert is a pleasure to have in class. He is polite, kind, and helpful. Robert stays on task and works hard to do each assignment well. He is an exemplary student and a good role model for his peers.

Andrew Lewis – Nominated by Mr. Stuart

Andrew Lewis is my October student of the month. He’s a hard worker, but also has a great sense of humor and helps the other kids feel more at ease. He’s willing to help others if they’re having trouble without being asked and is great to have in class.

Jonithyn Knight-nominated by Jeff Smith

Jonithyn has a great attitude and is always positive. He has the highest grade in the KMS Citizenship class and makes it a point to turn work in on time or early. He is a hard worker who gives 100 percent on physical training days and encourages others to do the same. Jonithyn is also very active in class and is always willing to help out and offer up input during class discussions.

Audrey Jessup- Nominated by Mimi Klein

Kelsie is always willing to help others and always on task. She tries her best 100% of the time even with the frustration of falling behind. She is eager to learn and has a great personality to match. She gets along well with everyone and is always willing to start a conversation.

Riley Bauer--Nominated by Mr. White

I’m nominating Riley for student of the month because she is the type of student who takes care of not only herself, but also others. Instead of making excuses, she solves problems and emails or asks questions. I can count on her to take care of things--such as chromebooks--that others don’t do correctly. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to always help out.

Mady Stewart--Nominated by Mrs. Hoeck

Mady has had such a positive attitude and is giving 100 percent to improve in all her classes. Mady is very competitive in PE and wants to improve her skills no matter what we are working on. Mady is also helping others improve their skills. I have enjoyed having her in class this year and have enjoyed seeing how much she has grown academically.