Student Recognition

6th grade

Jayce Haynes, Kennedy Duce, Bella Sample, Kyrin Huber

7th grade

Issac Marquez, Isabella Spedalieri, Kyla Bush, Kloie Neace, Nicolette Peters

Not pictured: Nolan Harju

8th grade

Sebastian Williams, Ella Pooler, Carly Overman, Ellie Gibson, Kalyca Card, Riley Klette

Not pictured: Jackson Stepro

January 2020 Students of the Month

8th grade: Sebastian Williams

Sebastian was nominated by Mr. Davidian

My Student of the Month is Sebastian Williams. As the Principal of KMS, I have had the blessing to meet Sebastian and have been able to have great, positive conversations with him. His positive attitude and energy are contagious and he is a young man who is doing the best he can each and every day. I am really glad to have met Sebastian and developed a positive rapport with him. Our school is better because he is here and I am proud of him for what he does for our school and what he will do in the future. Thanks for being awesome Sebastian. Keep it up!!

8th grade: Carly Overman

Carly was nominated by Mrs. Harden

Carly Overman is attentive, goes above and beyond when completing projects, and is willing to help others where needed. When a new student arrives she makes a point of welcoming them and making them feel comfortable. She is pleasant to everyone and a pleasure to have in class.

8th grade: Riley Klette

Riley was nominated by Mrs. Bentley

I nominate 8th grader Riley Klette he has really put in the effort this quarter. And has improved both behavior and accountability.

8th grade: Kaylca Card

Kalyca was nominated Mr. Stuart

My 8th grade nomination for student of the month would be Kalyca Card. She wants to do well on everything that is ever put in front of her. She constantly answers questions in class, is fun to talk to, and is just a great person to have in my science class and PE class. I was also proud of her for making the A team this year in basketball.

8th grade: Jackson Stepro

Jackson was nominated by Mr. White

My student of the month is Jackson Stepro. During the research project, he was in before school and during lunch multiple times. In addition, he worked at home as well to make sure that he had everything completed. He went above and beyond, and I appreciate not only his hard work, but his positive attitude and kindness towards others as well.

7th grade: Isabella Spedalieri

Isabella was nominated by Mrs. Frazier

I would like to nominate Isabella Spedaleiri as my student of the month for social studies. Everyday she is ready for anything that we are going to work on in class and never complains when things get difficult. She is a leader in my classroom and spends time doing everything to the best of her ability.

7th grade: Nolan Harju

Nolan was nominated by Mrs. Fisher (Science)

I nominate Nolan Harju. Throughout the STEAM class he has put in extra effort in his projects. He has the ability to focus on a task and complete it in a timely manner. When he finishes early it is easy to give him an additional task to try because I can trust he will work on it in a safe manner.

8th grade: Elspeth Gibson

Elspeth was nominated by Mrs. Fisher (Art)

I nominate Elli Gibson for art. Elli will put in focused and thoughtful effort on any lesson or skill she has been asked to do. She has advanced still in the methods of water color. Because of this she worked on a project of her choice, a very challenging portrait. She has the ability to reflect on her artwork and will seek out opportunities to improve.

7th grade: Kyla Bush

Kyla was nominated by Mrs. Hoeck

My student of the Month is Kyla Bush. Kyla has worked hard all semester in PE. She has been a total joy to have in class. No matter the activity Kyla has a positive attitude and is willing to participate in all the activities. She always gives me a great hello when she walks in the gym and tells me she loves PE. Kyla never complains about trying something new and is always willing to try her best. Kyla works great with everyone and partners with anyone.

6th grade: Kyrin Huber

Kyrin was nominated by Mr. Alverez

My student of the month is Kyrin Huber. Kyrin is always prepared for class with an upbeat and outgoing personality. She is both polite and respectful. Kyrin’s smile always reminds me of how lucky I am to be a teacher.

6th grade: Bella Sample

Bella was nominated by Mr. Frazier

My nomination is Bella Sample. In Band the clarinets are working on being able to play over the break, which can be very frustrating. Every day she comes in with a positive attitude and works hard to improve. She is always prepared and on time to my class, setting a positive example for everyone in the room to follow.

7th grade: Kloie Neace

Kloie was nominated by Ms. Loudon

Kloie has stepped up her game over the course of the second quarter. She has distanced herself from others in class that she was previously engaging in off task behaviors with. Kloie now stays focused on her work and is able to ignore comments and interruptions from others during class time. Kloie maintains good academic grades and is proud of her accomplishments.

6th grade: Jayce Haynes

Jayce was nominated by Mrs. Colburn

I am choosing Jayce Haynes for my Student of the Month. Jayce is kind, helpful, and patient. He willingly helps me with students who needed a little extra help and encouragement. Jayce, you are a stellar human being.

7th grade: Nicolette Peters

Nicolette was nominated by Ms. Browning

I nominate Nicolette Peters. She is most helpful without looking for reward. She’ll pick up extra papers after I throw them around the room, she's the first to volunteer to help other students with their assignments, she’s always giving hugs with a smile and a “How is your day going?”. She is a bright and shining light in my classroom and throughout the school. We are lucky to have her at Kellogg Middle School.

8th grade: Ella Pooler

Ella was nominated by Mr. Ream

Ella Pooler is a student who is always on top of her game, regardless of the things going on around her. Ella is an incredibly kind student who will go out of her way to help her colleagues when they are struggling. She always leads by example and has the utmost respect for her teachers, her classmates, and herself. I am so fortunate to have met such an incredible student so early in my career.

7th grade: Issac Marquez

Issac was nominated by Ms. Williams

My student of the month is Issac Marquez. He has been very willing to help me with one of my 6th graders and made sure that he gets to where he needs to be. He is respectful, follows directions, and tries his best to complete his work. He stays on task and tries not to disturb others while in my class. Thank you for trying your best!

6th grade: Kennedy Duce

Kennedy was nominated by Ms. Walker

I nominate Kennedy (Kenna) Duce. Kenna has expressed qualities of being a good human and attempts to her best as a student and a person. She is always willing to help people in and out of class. She is on the lookout for kids that are lonely and shows extra kindness to those that she spots in need of support.