Kathleen McPherson


I am only at the school part-time. This is because I am retired on PERSI and therefore can’t work more than halftime. This school year I will be at KMS Tues, Wed, and Thurs.

I have been around awhile, so my bio is rather extensive, but I will try to be succinct.

I was born and raised in Wallace and graduated from Wallace High School.

In my previous life I was a forester/wildland firefighter in North Idaho and then in Alaska. I lived in Alaska for 12 years before returning to Idaho (via Georgia and Washington). When my 3 boys reached school age I switched careers to better align with their schedules and needs. I completed a degree in Early Childhood Development and worked with Head Start for 10 years. I started a degree in education, but at that time you had to attend full-time to meet the requirements, (hard to do when you are a parent and working fulltime), so I switched to a psych major and completed that degree in 2005. I then worked for an agency (S.L. Start) for 2 years as a Behavior Specialist before going to work with the Kellogg S. D. (Pinehurst Elementary and KMS) for 7 years. I then accepted a position with the Dept. of Health and Welfare as a Developmental Specialist where I worked for 7 years before retiring this past summer. I received my teaching certification and special ed. endorsement in 2014 from the American Board, but never put them to use. I hold certifications as a Habilitative Intervention professional and Developmental Specialist. I also am certified as an EMT and recently retired, due to knee surgery, as a volunteer EMT with Rose Lake Quick Response Unit and District 2 Fire after 10 years of service.

I enjoy skiing, biking, hiking, kayaking, and all things outdoors. I am anxious to get back to those activities now that my knee and broken leg are getting healed.