Our School

Snow or Ice Storm Closure Information

Students and parents can check the latest snow (or ice storm) closure information by calling 208-786-2071 or by checking the KSD home page. If schools are closed, this is the first place it will be announced. Announcements will also be found on the three major Spokane television stations (KHQ, KXLY and KREM) and a host of AM and FM radio stations including KVNI (1080AM).

Important Information Regarding Cell Phone Use:

KMS Parents/Guardians- Starting on Monday, November 7, 2022, KMS will be start more strictly enforcing the policy of our cell phone use. This is a result of cell phones becoming a distraction to the educational and behavioral successes of our students.  Students will no longer be using their phones for any reason in KMS and outdoor properties connected to the school district or the annex- this includes but not limited to : classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, gym, cafeteria, playground areas etc. This includes playing music, researching, playing games, family phone calls etc. Although we recognize this potentially could be an inconvenience for parents, parents are reminded that all communication with their student should be done via contact with the KMS office in the event that they need to make contact with their student(s)

Students are encouraged to leave their phones in a secured locker to prevent any temptation to use the phone during the school day. Teachers will be given the responsibility to either have phones be placed in an assigned location and/or another method at their discretion. 

Students will be allowed to use their phones until 745 am and after 310 in the building. This change in policy is designed to help improve the academic focus and positive behaviors during the school hours. 

The above mentioned guidelines also include any digital communication listening devices- use of headphones, earbuds/pods etc.